Website Redesign

My client,, felt it was time for their website to get a facelift. They wanted to freshen up the photos used to include a mix of stock images and actual photos of their team.

Event-Branded PowerPoint

I designed this branded PowerPoint template for NeoSystems’ annual Open House event. The presentations coordinate with the event signage and materials for one cohesive look.

Online Invitation Graphic

When my client, NeoSystems, hosts their annual Open House event, they send out a digital invitation to guests. The assets package I design for this event includes a header image for the online invitation as well as printed materials.

Tri-Ball Print Ad

Full-color, full-page ad for Tri-Ball in an issue of BCA Insider magazine.

BCA Insider Magazine

Shown here is the layout for the Foosball featured story in an issue of BCA Insider.

A. E. Schmidt Ad

Full-page magazine ad for A. E. Schmidt Billiards designed on behalf of BCA Insider Magazine.

Open House Program

Every year, NeoSystems hosts an Open House event in their headquarters in Tysons Corner, Virginia. This program from a past event includes a color-coded map of their offices.

BCA Insider Magazine

Another issue of BCA Insider. Shown here is a cover that coordinates with the issue’s feature story on high-end tables. Also shown are a few of the spreads inside.

One Page Sales Sheets

Many of my clients turn to me for marketing materials. Phone2Action had me design their original set, then came back years later when they were ready for a makeover (shown here).

Coordinating Event Signage

Coordinating banner and poster for my client, NeoSystems. They used these and other materials at an industry conference where visitors to their booth were entered into a raffle.